Never trust a free web hosting

A friend told me this few years ago, but I thought he was stereotyping the companies that provide free web hosting next to its paid plans. At the mean time I was amazed with the free service that provides, fast and zero ads web hosting supports FTP and databases, which means that I can upload my word press blogs on it. I needed the support several times and they were very cooperative, in fact I needed them to open the account it self and they helped me through it.

I established two blogs on this host for more than four years with no problems at all. Just on that day when they decided to stop supporting something on their free plans that allow to sever to connect word press to confirm API key. this meant that Askmit, the anti spam plugin is not functional anymore, right away my both blogs were subjected to huge spam attacks that killed both of them, I tried to reach the blog many times with no use .. I lost very valuable data for me, and at this point I remembered the mentioned advice after all this years.

now I’m opening a new blog with new name on word press servers itself, I thought that the perfect first post is to deliver this advice for those who still trust free web hosting … Please don’t !


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