2011 !


I can’t believe that its already December. The world, specially MENA region and Japan will not forget this year, at all! Japan’s earthquake and Arab’s Spring gave this year its fame, not to mention the full withdraw of American forces from Iraq as well as many important events I might already forgot . In fact I can’t wait more to see this year summarizes and best pictures that usually prepared by news cooperations and agencies, I’m pretty sure that its will contain many interesting and must see stuff.

On personal prospective, it was the year that I made very hard decision that changed my life entirely, and I don’t know yet if it was the right one, the only thing I know that I’m facing many challenges that I must overcome and I hopefully will.

I think its time to review what I did this year and write my new year resolution. I may or may not post detailed post regarding this later. However, I would say that this year I went through many real life experiences, participated in workshops, read few books and met new people and made new friends and lost some too.

Last put not least this post is my starting point, where I’m going to see what I did good for me and others, and what I did bad. I will determine what to do – If – I lived for one more year.

Happy December everybody.


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