Mapping My Social Media Accounts

Forget about the key bored, take a paper and pen for a while and draw your "online" map

I just done mapping my accounts on the internet, discovered I have too many of them by the way. Really glad that I just did that, I feel really organized and have some space for more productivity now.

I was doing this task as a part of “threat assessment” in order to enhance my security online. However I discovered Its useful to spot and evaluate the content I post online. more importantly it gave me the impression about the time I spend on social media and weather if its needed or not.

during this task I found that some of my activity has minor priority but I always do it because it is fun and easy to do. Also I came to conclusions that I should use certain language for certain account. I also after this task take a decision  to stop a blog that I think is really achieved its goals and dedicate the time i spend on it to start writing my first book. Last but not least I hope that reorganizing my priorities online will help me focus on new types of new and social media such as Youtube and podcasts

I personally encourage the people who spend long time online to do this mapping, of course everyone can do ti on his own way, and this is the way I did mine

  1. I listed all the accounts I have online
  2. under each account I stated what I currently use the account for
  3. in front of that, I stated what goals I wanted to achieve with each account
  4. accordingly I rated the priority of each account.
  5. Finally I listed any new behaviors should be adopted while using each account, in order to accomplish to goals ( cancel the account, change the language, the subject matters, give it more time, etc .. ) \

If you did similar task, you are more than welcome to share you recipe ..



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