When I Discovered The Turkish Bath

Turkish Hammam "bath" composed by Jean Jacques

So you don’t know when are you going to live a totally experience. As simple as it is, it might be a very joyful thing to test and it help you appreciate a new culture and explore a new aspect of life. It wasn’t on my agenda and I was not looking forward to try a turkish bath, for the simple reason that I didn’t know anything about it. However its the chance and the fact being in the right place with the right people what led me to it.

The Ottoman style hall, helps in relaxing with it proper materials and lightings and the servants available

Basically in a turkish “hammam” you sit in a steam room and a sauna for half an hour to prepare your body for scrubbing with a special tool made of horse’s skins. The scrubbing removes the dead flesh which located underneath the skin, and support the  circulatory, the scrubber told me. and then simply you soap your body with a homemade product  and enjoy a bath in old fashion Ottoman style. Most of the bath is in a public hall made of marble and has kind of small tubs were you can mix the cold and hot water to suite your desired temperature, and you wash your body using old metal utensils. And it doesn’t stop and this end, yet there are more after the bath. When you finish, you put on couple of towels over all your body, relax in the bath lounge and enjoy a turkish tea and hookah.

When I tried it for the first time at one of Sheraton’s hotels in Turkey, it was a maximum pleasure for me, I enjoyed it more than enjoying a pool, or a steamed shower, for me its was like traveling to the past in a time machine, to be inside a book for a while, and to a live a fairy tail about the Ottoman Empire. and God it was relaxing in a way that you feel sometimes that you are the emperor himself. I would say its give you the sense about how those people were living, and if there is a 100 things to do before you die list the turkish bath is on the list. So if you are looking to an excellent turkish bath, you most probably will find one in Turkey, a country that was part of the Ottoman empire.


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