On #9March #Bahrain still on the news !

Shaik Issa Qassim, considered as the most influential shiite leader asked every capable to participate in what he called "March of People" on March 9

the official theme and poster of the march organized by six opposition political communities "parities" which had the full support of many public figures

The very peaceful island in Bahrain is almost unknown. Maybe because a peaceful and tiny island that has nothing to do with the political or armed fights around the globe matters a lot to be on the vey valuable time of live on air news time.

BUT! Make no mistake, this doesn’t mean that it has very strategical geographical location, well developed and has it significance on in the gulf area. Yes maybe its not rich as Kuwait or Qatar. well known as Dubai or big as Saudi. but the foundations, infrastructure, and the culture qualified it to be the pointer hub of regions economic and business operations. A very far time ago before Qatar and Dubai raise up.

People of Bahrain took a pointer step again, when they were the first and the only people of the gulf citizens tried to change the structure of their regime, just like what the Tunisians, Egyptians, and people of Libya already established. Its about time that the shape of the third world changes, and if the Bahrainis succeeded, the history, indeed, will record that to them. Therefore Bahrain now is on the map of the political and armed fights, it actually, officially, has the both of them since last February .. but is it on the news now ?

Well, the Saudis invested very well to mute Bahrain. to keep it away from the world’s sight.

Old man pushing his wife on the wheelchair at the march. many considered the Qassim's invite for "any capable" in his speech after Friday prayers as a religious duty which initiated a noticeable debate

because, they consider it their backyard and don’t want anybody to mess with it, so again no matter how Bahrainis depressedly  tried to be on the news they will fail, as it is already dominated by the Saudis. Regardless of the shiites sponsored channels which in this case, to be honest achieve nothing. It could be described as a man talking to himself, which make absolutely no sense.

However, yet from time to time Bahrainis come achievements that is hard for news corporations to miss, specially those who had a reputation and respect themselves to some extent, where they, for example, shyly report the hundreds of thousands were marching on March 9, 2012. As the march was a must cover event. Its indeed, one of the points were the locals on this island impress the world with their strength and determination.

Of course, on Internal and very specific level there are many to say and argue about. The religious dynamo of it, the intention of the “officially registered” political party, the fact that its not on a main highway but in a main road inside “almost only” residential areas, and its in fact establish nothing more of what has been established already.  However, from a wider prospective, what you can see is a mass population agreed that the current regime in its current from is highly corrupted. Moreover, and which is more important that the people after one year of suffering still up to their fight toward goals .. and the mentioned march was the prove.


iExploler and the annoying icon in my #iPhone

I used explorer to delete the ugly "iArabizer". The shareware application allows you to browse and modify files on iPhone


When I got my first iPhone, hyper stores where importing devices from places that actually has apple stores or authorized resellers. We were not enable at the time when iPhone 3G released to buy it from our tele-communication companies neither to use Arabic keyboard. It was not Arabic friendly back then! However I got mine as I was waiting for it just as the people slept in tents in front of the stores the night it has been released to buyers.

The ugly icon on first column, second raw in my iPhone home screen.

I looked into application called iArabizer it said that it add Arabic keyboard and it has the option to change the interface into Arabic, people who used this option faced several bugs caused by the application. Me on the other hand I only used the keyboard, and my device was working smoothly.

Then, a website called iPhone Islam claimed that the application is actually stolen from them. And the developer is providing it for free and asking for donation while they worked day and night to make it and sell it.

In a few time all this fuss ended right away, when apple provided the official support for arabic. I tried to delete the program and I just simply, normally did it. But guess what! The icon annoyingly return to it place in the next spring bored restart.

Update next to update the icon remained. Even after fresh install the annoying icon just kept annoying me more and more. And the ugly useless icon welcomed itself to move into my new iPhone 4

Yesterday i updated my iPhone 4 to iOS 5.0.1 and just had the feeling that i must kill this icon. I googled about it and i found were its located in the system’s file. I only then needed to an application to browse and edit the system’s file. I already know some of old complicated ones but i figured that there is might be a new product in the market. And there i found the shareware iExplorer.

When i opened the application a nice message came from the CEO of the company. Asking to share the application webpage on the social media as they lost their traffic when they changed the application name and url due to legal issues he said.

I found the application friendly and the message is nice and worth to share and thats why i wrote this blog post.

And yes, one more thing, Im glad to say that the annoying icon is no longer exists.