Happy #Earthday

Public Park - Photographed by Alex Green 2012

Lets think about Earth from different approach today. We know about most of the environmental concerns, from the damage caused by using plastic bags to the mass issue of global warming .. but aren’t we missing something?

Personally, I know more than one very beautiful public park not far from me. my parents has a very beautiful garden in their front yard. but I’ve been always busy to spent some time in there, despite of the fact that I usually spend three hours minimum in one of the cafes everyday! So why didn’t I just do whatever I do in the coffee shop in a much beautiful place, more natural and healthier?

I thought about it today, and I came up with this, maybe because that its free, and available with no effort to make. Don’t we tend to forget about the value of what we have until comes the time that we lose it? Now I know, if I could I would spend more time in my parent’s garden or in the public parks around me. I’m know very grateful that such places are providing unforgettable memories and a time full of joy for entire families for no return.

I guess if we appreciate the green zones around us more, if we promote those places I could I assume that we will have similar impact to raising awareness about environmental issues.

Haapy Earth Day
Enjoy it in Public Parks.


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