About Me

I live in a place that exposing  identity, and freely expressing of thoughts and feeling most probably cause harm on social and political aspects. I live in authoritarian regime where the people can be sometimes as dictators as the authorities therefore telling me who I am is kind of hard thing to do in the moment.

I can tell you how do I look like though, I love to travel, to take pictures, to write, to read,  to listen to music, to taste food, to watch TV and movies, to drink coffee and juice, and to make as much friends as I can. I dream to live in a city like New York, or London, or Tokyo where I can actually live the date on the calendar not behind.

I work hard to improve my self, to create a better me and always aim to migrate to a such city that I assume appreciate individualism, understand the concept of friendships and relationships, an assumption that maybe I realize later on is wrong, although I see no harm trying it.

I am into journalism, broadcasting, technology, cars, aviation and I have adorable love of space.

Why Alex Green ?

Jennifer Aniston, Plays Rachel Green on Friends the popular American TV show

I used the name Alex several times as a first name when I was at places that I don’t want to use my real name which gives hints of my religion, sect, and nationality to some extent. A friend invented  Alex for me which is actually the closest western name to eastern – real one. Then I quoted Green from the fictional character “Rachel Green” played by  Jennifer Aniston in “Friends” the popular American TV show.


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